Viscosity Of Stretch Film
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  • June 14, 2017

Viscosity Of Stretch Film

Stretch Film production materials are many, mainly depends on the application of the product area, so in order to control the viscosity of the stretch film must choose the right material. Stretch film is not all of the C4 LLDPE can match,C6, C8 material is also easy to use because it is often used, as well as the temperature will affect the stretch film sticky, generally we will put the product in fifteen to two 15 degrees of the environment, if the temperature over thirty degrees, then the viscosity will increase; if less than fifteen degrees, the viscosity will be worse.

Since there is polyethylene in the stretch film, we can adjust the amount of polyethylene in the adhesive to achieve the desired viscosity. Since the stretched film has a relatively narrow molecular weight distribution and a narrow processing range, Five of the polyethylene, you can achieve the role of reducing the viscosity of the melt, so that the flatness of the stretch film will also increase the film to increase the flatness.

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