Kraft Edge board for protect angle
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  • September 03, 2018

In order to prevent the product in the transport process of collision and wear caused by immeasurable economic losses, we generally in the packaging of the product to take appropriate protection measures, which, there will be an economical and practical paper packaging products: paper Corner.


Paper angle, as the name suggests, because it is paper materials, both environmentally friendly and recyclable, but also to protect the product during the edge of the transport from the collision, crush and injury. Paper protection angle is generally divided into the following categories: the protection of products side, easy to transport; protection around the top, to avoid the impact of the top; increase carton resistance and stacking layers; protection of aluminum, non-woven products such as round edge.

edge protection with 100% recyle

The Paper Corner really do for the customer's product transport escort, because the role of paper Corner, making the paper Corner more and more attention by all walks of life.


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