Stretch Film,Adhesive Tape Supplier of Office Depot
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  • May 09, 2017

The Introduce of our customer---Office Depot

Office Depot, Inc. is an American office supply retailing company founded in October 1986 by F. Patrick Sher. The headquartered is in United States of America and it has combined annual sales of approximately $14 billion and employs about 66,000 associates with businesses in 59 countries.

Office-Depot Supplier For Stretch Film

Stretch Film,Adhesive Tape Bid

They consume large quantity of Stretch Film,Adhesive Tape to pack goods every month and this Stretch Film,Adhesive Tape material takes their cost a lot. So they launched a bid on 2012 and wanted to find a china supplier which can supply Stretch Film and Adhesive Tape for them in EU and US Market.

Stretch Film

Our company produce this Stretch Film,Adhesive Tape from 2004 and take part in this bid.After several round talk,our company successfully won the bid and become the gold supplier for Stretch Film,Adhesive Tape.